Day in and day out, people face a likelihood of succumbing to personal injury. However, the little luck we get from avoiding this is somewhat incredible. Personal injury is an unfortunate occurrence that can be attributed to several causes. It may be due to a flawed product or a faulty repair of a product, or a medical treatment error. You also may have slipped and fell on pavement or wet floor, got into a motor accident, was a victim of a criminal act, or other possible means. One can redefine personal injury as any injury inflicted on an individual's physical body, sidelining any damage related to property or reputation. 

Such harm can disrupt every facet of your life. You may be incapable of working, forced to visit a doctor or rehabilitative therapy appointments, as well as cope with crippling soreness and emotional fallout all through your recovery. Personal injury may, conversely, be physical or psychological. For you to have grounds to file a claim, the harm suffered should be a consequence of negligence or unreasonably hazardous actions by your employer, a manufacturer, or a physician. Property-owner, individuals, and institutions that owe you a duty of ordinary care are included in this list.

Due to this, you need to hire an experienced Clay County Personal Injury Attorney, to take over the fight for injury victims. This allows you time to heal without risking the compensation you are owed. We have prepared this article to help you comprehend the vast types of accidents that may inflict harm to you, and the various types of injuries within the jurisdiction.

Wrongful Death

Death is the most painful phase that any individual or family is likely to suffer from. Wrongful death, occasionally, results from negligence or wrongdoing from a person or an unfortunate situation that causes loss of life of another person. In most scenarios, the cause of death may be a result of a car accident, truck accident, bus accident, medical malpractice, fault in industrial equipment, workplace accident, to name a few. Thus the personal representatives are liable to file a claim to seek compensation for the damages caused. 

The law points out the appropriate persons that are allowed to represent the deceased in claiming compensation for the damages. The personal representatives can be the surviving spouse, children, parents, or grandchildren. Therefore, if one of your loved ones in Orange Park suffers wrongful death, seek the assistance of an Orange Park personal injury attorney. They are sure to help safeguard your rights as well as fighting for you to be compensated for the loss.

It is important to note that the law allows you to file a claim for such a case as long as it falls within five years from the occurrence date. Anything later than this period is likely to be ignored by the courts. While you proceed with the filing process, it is crucial to note that the claim must come with evidence linking the case. One must be able to follow the following conditions before facing the courts:

  • The personal representative must fall under the category highlighted in the law that is either a living spouse, a child, parent, or a grandchild to the deceased
  • There must be proof of death of the individual in a document to be submitted in court
  • There must be a case that directly links the person or institute's negligence or harmful act that caused the death of the individual
  • Monetary suffering experienced by the deceased family due to the effect of his/her death

Car Accidents

The number of motor accidents has been on the rise in the country for decades now. To be more specific, within the area, cases of persons injured or killed in the accidents have been devastating and saddening at the same time. It is a sad and traumatizing situation that is likely to occur anywhere and in an instant. The situation  is most likely going to change your life. With this in mind, it is vital to seek intervention by getting in touch with an experienced Orange Park personal injury attorney to aid in getting your compensation.

Orange Park personal injury attorneys strive to better their services in the fight of protecting your rights in such trying times. It is imperative to note that these accidents are more or less severe and at times, fatal and may lead to loss of lives. Therefore, the fight is majorly based on ensuring the clientele accesses full-time compensation on the loss of income incurred from the accident. The psychological trauma and torture experienced from such a gruesome event, the need for their medical bills to be sorted out as well as the pain and other losses correlated to the accident are among the core agenda we handle.

Orange Park personal injury attorneys takes time to investigate to ensure your representation in court and compensation from institutions like insurance companies are acknowledged. This is to ensure your rights are duly respected and adhered to based on the state laws.

It is crucial to articulate that any victim must recognize that they have a limited time to file a lawsuit after an accident. Within the county, different cities have different laws relating to relevant to the period of filing a lawsuit. However, an individual must seek an attorney's advice as soon as possible to seek compensation for damages.

Truck Accidents

Research has it that the majority of individuals involved in a truck accident are likely to have been significantly hurt. You can imagine a semi-trailer truck that weighs over 70,000 pounds goes up against a roughly 2,000-pound passenger car; the results can be quite distressing. A collision between two vehicles is more likely to have devastating life-altering repercussions. 

The large commercial automobile has several challenges like their complex braking systems, the blind spots, their weight distribution, to mention a few. Due to this, operating such commercial trucks is bound under numerous laws, that is local, state, and federal to regulate how they run their activities. There is a high probability of big trucks losing control. Therefore, it requires one to be keen and intelligent while handling such locomotive.

Semi-trailer truck cases require special investigations and preparation. Thus, you need to seek advice and consultation from a personal injury attorney in case such a tragedy occurs. The assessment of the truck's details and documents, like a logbook, may come in handy during the investigation period to establish a piece of crucial evidence in case a truck collision occurs. Some of the information vital for assessment is the truck driver's account on the number of hours driven, the route taken while working, and the load picked and returned. 

These logs help to note and at the same time, track the accountability to aid in the prevention of the driver's fatigue. The records, however, are allowed by the federal law to be destroyed after six months. This move may come in handy for a personal injury attorney. They may be able to keep such records on your behalf in case you may require them in the future for reference. Such logs may be beneficial in judging the driver's conduct and track their progress over the years in case an accident occurs. A positive record is more likely to influence the court's decision in solving cases that may require compensation from the accident incurred.

Pedestrian Accident

There can be a pedestrian accident wherever people walk, and vehicles share space. It happens from time to time. Anyone can be the victim of a pedestrian accident in Orange Park owing to the volume of traffic we have, people crossing the streets, kids walking home from school, or families walking around the neighborhood. According to the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), 3/4 of pedestrian deaths occur outside the intersection zones, which is in the mid-block. The fatalities occur in these spots as a result of reduced visibility after dark, recklessness of the driver, foggy weather conditions, to mention a few. 

Pedestrian accidents are significantly dangerous and in most cases, may be fatal, leading to loss of life. This is because they did not have the protection of an automobile. Some cases may be triggered by either the negligence of the automobile operator or a defect in the roadway. In some instances, you may need to consult a personal injury attorney, with expertise in human factors. This will help in establishing that you couldn't react quickly to get out of the speeding automobile's way. If you or a loved one has been hit by a car or had any other form of a pedestrian accident, it is essential first to seek medical attention.

Bus Accident

Orange park bus accidents are not restricted to collisions with vehicles. There are many accidents on board buses that have no connection to traffic accidents due to the nature of public transport in locations within the big cities. Some of the bus accidents include injuries due to abrupt braking or turning.  Harm incurred as a result of boarding or exiting the bus, burglary, sexual assault, and other crimes against individuals riding on the bus are too considered. Persons onboard injured in a crash, passersby, and other drivers struck by the bus, passengers injured due to poorly maintained safety equipment like seatbelts are part of bus accidents. Safety standards must be met for the safety of the passengers. If any of these are not met, then you have a right to compensation for the harm suffered.

Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident is among the most dreadful traffic accidents. A slight mistake may cause havoc on you or your family's finances, thus changing your life in an instant. Most motorcycle accidents are critical and fatal. This is likely to lead to enormous medical bills, loss of employment, inability to get jobs due to disability as well as cause severe pain and suffering to those involved.

Victims of such occurrences have a right to file a lawsuit for damages on the grounds of carelessness and negligence on the part of the at-fault driver on our roads. If you happen to have a friend, family member that has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Orange park, feel free to contact or visit an Orange Park personal injury attorney for prompt assistance. This is the best way to insure yourself and their lives to a legal right to recovery.

Medical Malpractice

Medication is beneficial for our health; however, if misused may turn out to be toxic to the body. Some medicines have such adverse side effects they become known as hazardous drugs. Such medical malpractice may cause severe and other times, fatal injury to the victim. Such action is likely to cause financial distress to the family pain, suffering, and in some cases, the grief of losing a loved one. Therefore, it is essential for you to contact a personal injury attorney immediately if you are a victim or have a loved one experience the medical malpractices.

Types of Injuries

An accident is an unfortunate occurrence that may happen to anyone in an instant without notice. Therefore it is highly recommended for one to always stay alert and safe. However, these accidents may lead to severe injuries to the victims and their families. One is likely to either suffer from head and brain injuries, burn injuries, fracture, and joint injuries.

Head injuries and brain injuries are very critical and sensitive, thus require one to seek medical attention as soon as possible. It is also recommended for one to consult a legal entity on the same for compensation as it requires special consideration that more likely piles up an enormous medical expense. The legal team specializes in guiding clients through the head or brain trauma suffered from the accident.

Burn injuries may be inflicted by fires trail blazed by the motor vehicle accident. A burn victim may experience a lifetime of pain, suffering, disability, and uncalculated mental toll despite the existence of modern technology. It is also important to note that these procedures of surgery are costly; hence, they may cause financial distress to the victim and the family at large.

The victim is most likely to suffer from injuries related to fractured bones and dislocated joints. Fractures, joint injuries, and dislocations can bring about short-term disability and long-term problems. Hence it is recommended to have a thorough legal consultation to help the victim comprehend the situation at hand. Therefore, since a victim only has one opportunity to obtain a fair settlement, it is imperative to get a  full case assessment from an attorney who handles serious injury matters, like an Orange Park personal injury attorney.

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