Physical injuries, mainly because of third parties' negligent actions, are occasionally inevitable. When they happen, they catch you off-guard, leave you in physical and emotional pain, and you incur financial difficulties. Florida laws provide a compensation procedure to you or your loved ones if you have suffered bodily or mental harm resulting from the unjust and careless actions of others.

If you, a close relative, or a friend has suffered an injury and you are wondering where to commence, we at the Clay County Personal Injury Attorney law firm in Brooker, Bradford County, FL are ready to help you.

Common Cases that Our Brooker Personal Injury Attorney Will Handle for You

Several factors can expose you to injuries owing to the reckless behavior or unjust actions of others. Our attorneys will evaluate the available legal option for you and the liability of the parties that cause injuries to help determine the next course of action. Below, we will discuss some of the common cases that we can handle for you.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, filing a wrongful death legal action in Florida can be complex. You must be prepared mentally for the tortuous judicial process besides dealing with your distraught and grieving family members, still grieving for a loved one. Yet, they have to carry on with the legal action and not to mention the counter defense that the accused's attorney mounts in court.

Also, there is a need to establish the liability of the negligent person who has caused the wrongful death of a close relative. This will enable the attorney to have solid grounds to seek legal compensation. This process can be emotionally draining, but we advise you to get in touch with a reputable and dedicated personal injury attorney who will help you through the whole process.

A wrongful death may emanate from a careless action of another person through a car accident, medical recklessness, murder, a fall, fire tragedy, napping, fatal pedestrian knockdown, or defective products. Sady, the mourning process itself is not a sufficient ground to seek out compensation related to wrongful death. You must prove in court that the loss of your loved one is causing you financial hardships. The court may ask that your family appoints an administrator for the deceased's estate, which can pose another challenge, particularly in a disharmonious family.

Mostly, a personal injury attorney will take you through the judicial process to make you understand what brought about the wrongful death. He also gets to the core of the cause to stand a good chance of winning the case for you in court.

Before choosing an attorney, you must consult some of your friends or relatives who have gone through a similar predicament and ask if they know of a competent attorney. His lawsuits' success rate should be high, and it pays if he's a local attorney as he is likely to be conversant with the operations of the local courts.

Bus Accidents

Your life can take a nosedive if you end up as a bus accident victim. This turn of events leaves you in a precarious situation, and you will need to consult a Brooker personal injury attorney to help you pursue your compensation. If you are a bus accident victim, you need funds for medical care, and that's why you should immediately embark on the lawsuit for compensation.

Most bus accidents occur due to lack of care of the driver, the conductor, the bus supervisor, or the owner of the bus. The causes comprise of brake failure, tire burst, tiredness, speeding, road arrogance, poor bus maintenance, inexperienced drivers, drunk driving, driver's complacency, and being inattentive on the road.

Unfortunately, if you are a driver in Florida and the bus you drive is involved in an accident due to your negligent action, and you suffer some slight injuries, you can find yourself in a tricky situation. Because apart from nursing, some injuries the court may find you culpable for injuries sustained by the bus passengers, which can deal a double blow to you.

Ordinarily, bus operators have a contingency plan for sorting out the injured bus passengers financially. However, the case is complicated when several bus operators are involved in the accident. Given that bus passengers pay bus fare to commute on a bus, the bus operators exercise higher care of responsibility as opposed to owners of personal vehicles who exhibit reasonable care. Failure to abide by the higher sense of duty amounts to negligence.

Despite the occurrence of a bus accident, if the bus driver escapes unhurt, he/she is expected to note down some important details such as the information of the other offending driver, number plate, and the date when the accident occurred. Further, where and how the accident transpired and last but not the least, details of any eye witness at the scene is valuable information that will also be included.  

Pedestrian Accidents

Taking a brisk walk every other day is something that perhaps you take for granted. However, when a calamity like a pedestrian accident strikes, it deprives you of your physical fitness to eke out a living. To get compensation, you need to hire an excellent law firm to begin a legal suit for you. The settlement results from a negligent action of another person that caused you an injury.

Pedestrians are susceptible to vehicle accidents and whereas the negligent actions mainly lie with the vehicle drivers for failing to stop to allow pedestrians to cross the roads. Pedestrians are also to blame under what's known as contributory negligence. Both the vehicle drivers and pedestrians need to manifest a reasonable duty of care to avert these senseless accidents. Most accidents occur when pedestrians are crossing the road.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles' accidents can be dangerous, resulting in death in severe cases or impairment as they do not have a physical cushion like that of a car enclosure.

Our attorneys focus on legal details where you or a loved one suffered in a motorcycle accident. The law details here range from an individual's injury, item's liability, and rights about assets. Laws about helmets and helmet sale revocation and the consequences of a post-accident situation feature at length.

A motorcycle accident can occur if the motorcycle is defective and secondly if you fail to follow traffic rules. An accident is likely to be fatal if you disregard the law to wear a safety helmet.

Truck Accidents

Trucks are enormous machines on the wheels on some of Florida's congested roads that criss-cross the area to facilitate trade. A truck accident from a negligent action has far-reaching consequences due to the sheer size of the truck and its resultant impact. Unlike car accidents, truck accidents are complex to resolve because trucks have several insurance covers and an owner that you need to engage with about his truck's accident.

Users of small vehicles bear the brunt of most accidents caused by trucks in Florida as they cannot withstand the trucks, which are about 30 times bigger and heavier because of the cargo. It's a challenge for the driver to bring a runaway truck under control due to its size. Other factors like brake failure, bad weather such as rain and snow can lead to a truck accident. Disregarding traffic rules and reckless behavior of other road users can also affect the truck driver while trying to bring the truck under control.

Most truck accidents in Florida occur due to driver fatigue for over-stretching their shift, which should last 11 hours, distraction, and in some cases, due to driving while drunk. However, drunk driving is not frequent in truck accidents and only accounts for about 3% as federal laws on drunk driving for truck drivers are stringent.

Coming up with a lawsuit by yourself can be complicated due to the several issues involved in a truck accident, for instance, several insurance covers involved and the likelihood of the truck causing multiple accidents due to the impact of its size. We can help you file a watertight compensation lawsuit in the event of a truck accident.

Car Accidents

Many car accidents are slight and involve minimal injuries on the victims. However, head-on collisions or multi-car accidents have a devastating impact on the victims. In addressing the plight of its car accident victims, a personal injury attorney will devise information packages. The details cover the nature of injuries, how to file compensation lawsuits, and how to tackle the psychological turmoil that follows the car accident victims.

The most regular car accidents involve injury to the limbs, head, and chest, neck, and in grave cases, damage to the spinal cord, which deals a severe blow to the victims. The victims also have to contend with the mental agony that comes with car accidents.

Negligence stemming from a car accident entitles you to seek damages in court on the following grounds:

  • Injuries sustained entitles you to damages for the excruciating pain endured.
  • You may also seek compensation for loss of revenue in a case where you have become incapacitated or where the victim turns up to be your breadwinner.
  • If a close relative like a spouse has passed away, you can have Brooker Personal Injury attorney sue on your behalf for the loss of intimacy.

A Slip and Fall Accident

Incidentally, a misstep may lead to an injurious fall at the place of work, your leased premises, or in any other property. Whereas some slip and fall accidents are attributable to the owner of the property, some do not meet the threshold for negligence.

Resolving a negligent case arising from a slip and fall accident can be a hard nut to crack as the court has to ascertain who to hold responsible for the damages. However, the court looks to see if the property owner could have mitigated the slip and fall accident.

Examples of indoor slip and fall accidents include falling on a dilapidated floor, stumbling on the staircase, or skidding on a wet slippery floor. In most instances, a good number of slip and fall accidents are containable. However, as an owner of a property, you must put the right measures in place to prevent this occurrence.

Where you or a close relative has suffered injuries, check if the property's owner's reasonable duty of care could have prevented the accident or not. Interestingly, where the property owner has exercised due diligence, it's anticipated that a reasonable person is keen and observant on his surroundings. If you have some outdoor facilities like a dam or swimming pool, then it is prudent that you put an enclosure to prevent unfamiliar persons from slipping over.

In ascertaining the liability for a slip and fall accident, the courts and attorneys check if the property owner was the cause of the slip and fall accident. And if the owner would have ordinarily expected a slip and fall accident, or if the owner or his caretaker were complacent in not fixing the potential cause of slip and fall accident.

The ultimate decision is arrived at by the judge. However, it pays to have a qualified like Brooker personal injury attorney by your side in a distressing case like this one where legal advice is very crucial.

In deciding if the property owner is liable or not, you, alongside your attorney, need to check how long the potential cause for a slip and fall was in existence before the accident's occurrence. Similarly, it's essential to find out if the slip and fall accident is a result of an object that should not have been there on the walking path earlier. However, due to complacency, that did not happen. Lastly, reconstructing the daily routine of the property owner and proof of the same is equally important.

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